Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students


Melinda Dertinger

MindyI’m currently a second year Master’s student in the Experimental track of the Master of Arts in Psychological Science program at University of Minnesota Duluth. My research interests lie in many areas of social and cognitive psychology in general, but particularly gender stereotypes, implicit bias, and discrimination. My current research with Dr. Thompson involves the influence of attractiveness and gender on perceptions of sexual harassment and the moderating role of relationship status on the effects of causal attributions on judgments of infidelity.

Carissa Harvey


I am a second-year master’s student in the department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am interested in studying dysfunctional sexual behavior, a topic informed by my experience working in the mental health and legal fields. My thesis, which is supervised by Dr. Thompson, is designed in investigate the endorsement of the sexual double standard as it pertains to adults involved in sexting.

Danica Kulibert


I graduated from the Cognitive and Affective Masters program from UW Oshkosh. I am currently a PhD student at Tulane University. During my time at UW Oshkosh (and currently), I was involved in a number of research programs with Dr. Ashley Thompson and her research team. One such program assessed motives for romantic kissing by examining the different factors that influenced these motives (e.g., personality, sexual attitudes, gender). I was also very involved in projects examining how individual’s judge infidelity, factors that influence these judgments, and how researchers can help reduce discrepancies relating to these judgments (e.g., perspective-taking).

Elle Moore

headshotI am currently a second year Master’s student in the Cognitive and Affective Psychology graduate program at UW Oshkosh. Over the past three years, I have been involved in numerous projects with Dr. Thompson. One such program of research examined adults’ motives for romantic kissing, factors influencing these motives, and how motives for romantic kissing relate to relationship functioning. I have also assisted in projects examining judgments of infidelity and variations in these judgments related to characteristics of a hypothetical rival.

Outside of sexuality and relationships research, I also have interests in clinical and counseling psychology, and thus worked with Dr. Thompson on project examining the utilization and effectiveness of UW campus counseling centers from across the state of Wisconsin.

Megan Patterson

pattersonI am a second year Master’s student in the Cognitive and Affective Psychology Program at UW Oshkosh. I am primarily interested in the areas of Social and Developmental Psychology. Specifically, I am interested in looking at how group membership and social norms impact social interactions. I am also interested in, romantic relationships and what leads to more positive relationship outcomes. Currently, I am working with Dr. Thompson to develop a scale assessing Motivations for Marriage as well as collaborating on a project looking at judgments of other’s parenthood decisions.


Previous Graduate Students

Aaron Bagley


I recently graduate from the Masters in Cognitive and Affective Science program at UW Oshkosh. Currently, I am enrolled in a School Psychology graduate program at the University of Denver. I have broad research interests in Social Psychology. Currently, I study the converging implicit and explicit attitudes held by young adults towards members of nontraditional relationship structures. My Masters Thesis was more concerned with Positive Psychology, specifically with predicting the occurrence of Flow.


Sarah Londo


I graduated from the Cognitive and Affective Masters program from UW Oshkosh. My primary research interests were in the sexual double standard. In particular, my thesis (supervised by Dr. Ashley Thompson) explored different methods of measuring its endorsement across different populations.


Amy Schlueter

amyI graduated from the Cognitive and Affective Masters program from UW Oshkosh. My primary and lab interests were related to the promotion of evidence-based practice within the mental field. To that end, I was involved in research into the effectiveness of counseling centers addressing the concerns of clients across multiple University of Wisconsin System campuses.