Media Attention

January, 2018 – National Post reviews some of Dr. Thompson’s dissertation research on infidelity and monogamy! Read full article here.

October, 2017 – Daily mail interviews Dr. Thompson on her threesomes research! Click here for the article and here for the video.

September, 2017 – Local Duluth paper interviews Dr. Thompson for her thoughts on impostor syndrome! Read it here.

July, 2017 – Psychology Today has written another blog on some of Dr. Thompson’s multi-person sexual activity research! Check it out here.

June, 2017 – More media reviewing our multi-person sexual activity research! Learn more here.

June, 2017 – How often and with whom? Click here to read about a blog discussing Dr. Thompson’s threesome research!

May, 2017 – Check out a recent blog on Medium discussing our mulit-person sex research! Click here for the post.

May, 2017 – A recent blog post was featured on Psychology Today which reviews some of our research on Mixed-Gender Multi-Person Sexual Activity! Click here for the post.

April, 2017 – Listen to Dr. Thompson discuss some of her research on the Jenny McCarthy show from Monday, April 24th (2017) – click here.

April, 2017 – Media outlets are loving some of the lab’s research on infidelity. Click here to read all about it the Canadian Global News!

April, 2017 – Congratulations to Rebecca Tolfa for being selected as one of five UW Oshkosh students to present research at the 14th-Annual Research in the Rotunda at the state Capitol in Madison on Wednesday, April 12! Check out more details about the event here.

April, 2017 – Some of our kissing research has been featured on the Love Matters Blog! Check it out here.

March, 2017 – Check out several undergraduate students in the lab who were recently featured on the UW Oshkosh Newsletter for their participation in the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Memphis, TN! Click here.

January, 2017 – Some of our work on mixed-gender multi-person sexual activity has been discussed on Sex(uality) & the City! Click here.

December, 2016 – Dr. Ashley Thompson weighs in on some of the most sinful cities in the U.S. and how that fits with her research on infidelity. Click here to read more.

December, 2016 – Honors student, Kayla Newman, and her research on predicting variations in the actor-observer discrepancy related to infidelity judgments using the Dark Triad of Personality has been featured on UW Oshkosh Today. Click here to check it out!

November, 2016 – Results from the campus climate study, with which we are involved, have been featured in Advanced Titan! Click here.

March, 2016 – Our research on attitudes, interest, and experiences related to mixed-gender multi-person sexual activity has been featured on Psychology Today! Click here.

February, 2016 – Our recent study on assessing judgments and definitions of infidelity has been featured by the Globe and Mail! Click here.

January, 2016 – Check out a write-up at the Science of Relationships of some of our work on monogamy expectations and infidelity!  Click here.