Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

McCann, L. I., Ebert, A. R., Timmins, R. R., & Thompson, A. E. (in press). Changes in author, editor, and reviewer genders over forty-two years in Teaching of Psychology. Teaching of Psychology.

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Moore, E. A., Kulibert, D., & Thompson, A. E. (2017). Is a Kiss Just a Kiss?: Predicting Variations in Motives for Romantic Kissing. Journal of Relationships Research. doi:

Gibson, K. A. V., Thompson, A. E., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2016).  Love thy neighbour: Personality traits, relationship quality, and attraction to others as predictors of infidelity among young adults. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality25, 186-198. doi:

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Book Chapters:

O’Sullivan, L. F., & Thompson, A. E. (2013). Sexuality in adolescence.  In D. L. Tolman & L. Diamond (Eds.), The American Psychological Association’s Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology (pp. 433-486). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

San Antonio, TX; January, 2017
img_2081Undergraduate researcher, Rebecca Tolfa, presenting her research assessing experiences with discriminatory behavior occurring on campus between gender minority students and cisgender students.

img_2082Graduate researcher, Danica Kulibert (not pictured), presenting her research on the magnitude of actor-observer discrepancies related to judgments of infidelity and and the influence of perspective-taking.

The Annual Meeting of Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Phoenix, AZ; November, 2016


Graduate researchers Sarah Londo and Danica Kulibert presenting their research on monogamy negotiations and romantic kissing motives.

The Annual Meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association

Chicago, IL; May, 2016


Graduate researcher (Danica Kulibert) and undergraduate researcher (Elle Moore) presenting their research examining variables that predict variations in adults’ motives for romantic kissing.

The Annual UW Oshkosh Celebration of Scholarship

Oshkosh, WI; April, 2016

img_0980Research students (from left to right: Aaron Bagley, Elle Moore, Jared Stritzel, & Devon Egan) presenting their research on implicit biases related to consensual nonmonogamy.

img_0982Research students (from left to right: Sarah Londo, Sarah Stefaniak, Tory Schaff, & Jocelyn Hart) presenting their research on self-reported attitudes, interests, and experiences related to consensual nonmonogamy.