Undergraduate Students



Jocelyn Hart


I am a research a graduate from UW Oshkosh majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. My primary research interest relates to consensual nonmonogamy and the endorsement of a sexual double standard. I also have additional research interests related to forensic anthropology.


Sarah Stefaniak


I recently graduate from UW Oshkosh and am currently enrolled in a graduate program at Cardinal Stritch University. My research interests were not really formed until I met Dr. Thompson and was accepted into her lab. Since then, my primary research interests have been related to examining the attitudes and judgments people hold toward those engaging in nontraditional relationship  structures, particularly consensual nonmonogamy. I also have a secondary interest related to neuroscience and traumatic brain injury (TBI), particularly the prevention of TBI in athletes.


Rebecca Tolfa


I am currently in my fourth year at UW Oshkosh, majoring in psychology. My primary research interests include discrimination among minority groups across several settings. In fact, I am currently working on a project with Dr. Thompson designed to assess gender minority students’  experiences with discriminatory behaviors and sexual assault here at UW Oshkosh using the Campus Climate Survey.